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Without the risk, stress and headache of setting up a traditional business.

Our mission is to bring together heart led leaders to positively impact the mental health of children all over the world.

Tessa Hawes

Founder & CEO

A Quick Message from our Founder


Franchise of the Year 2023

We are very proud of our explosive entry into the Franchise arena - recognised for our achievements and the ongoing support we provide to all our franchisees.

This is PERFECT For You If.....

  • You have a passion for helping children with their mindset.

  • You became a teacher because you wanted to truly impact the children you teach, but lately you've felt restricted with what you can and can't do.

  • You are hard working, great at communicating and believe that learning should be fun.

  • You have an interest or passion for positive mindfulness, mindset techniques and personal development.

  • You feel you've reached a ceiling with your current income and you want more for your life and future.

  • You love the idea of owning a business and working for yourself but you have no business background or knowledge on where to start, or how to succeed!

If you have responded “YES” to even some of these, this is the DREAM opportunity for you!

It's a


With all the training and support provided by industry professionals to help you, every step of the way.

We teach you what you need to know and do, to become a successful entrepreneur, building a business in your community to positively impact 1000s of children.

A Proven Business.

A Personal Mentor.

We will teach you everything that you need to know about running a business as a Franchise Owner and Mindset Mentor to positively impact children in your chosen location.

All key areas are supported through our market leading training and resources to ensure that you can maximise on our uncapped income opportunity.

WHY Start a Franchise?

Deciding that you want to build your own business is exciting and can also be daunting as it is an investment of your time and money - in an area where you may have little expertise.

The beauty of a Franchise is that all the ‘thinking’ has been done for you! You align with a business that has already been created, a brand that is award winning and plug into an existing system for success.

Plus you have a dedicated territory that is exclusively yours to build the business that you choose.

No competition, just a highly collaborative, inclusive and supportive team of fellow MiniMe Mindfulness® Franchisees to help guide and celebrate your success.

Click below to download a detailed prospectus outlining the business model, financials, expectations, forecasts, training and support system.

What's in it for you?

Knowing that you are making a positive impact on the lives of thousands of children comes with a huge amount of job satisfaction and purpose.

Working with a team of world class professionals gives you the confidence to build a market leading franchise in your exclusive territory.

Partnering with a brand that is a ground floor opportunity offers you an exciting path of personal growth and success. Plus uncapped income potential.

Mindfulness and Mindset is a key area of focus as mental health is high on the agenda of Governments, schools, teachers and parents. MiniMe Mindfulness® is a unique solution that is in high demand and creating a significant impact in the lives of the franchisees and the children they teach.

We will teach you everything that you need to know about running a business as a Franchise Owner and Mindset Mentor to positively impact children all over the UK.

All key areas are supported through our market leading training and resources to ensure that you can maximise on our uncapped income opportunity.

What is it like to be a Franchise Business Owner?

Meet our Franchisees and hear what they have to say about starting their own MiniMe Mindfulness Franchise

Claire Rushton-Plant

MiniMe Mindfulness® Franchise Owner, Staffordshire

“I was looking for a new challenge, something which offered more flexibility for me and my family. I met Tessa through a broker and she was offering exactly what I was looking for in a franchiser. Upbeat, personable, approachable and no question is too big or small. Setting up my own business has been a complete step away from my usual comfort zone, having spent the last two decades teaching. I wanted to ask other franchisees about their experiences before taking the plunge and they were really helpful, which made me more convinced to make this decision.

Tessa has thought of everything. She has helped make the transition from employee to self-employed seem easy. Setting up your own franchise area and building your own business is a big step but Tessa has helped take a lot of the unknowns out of the equation.

The quality of the resources, lesson plans and equipment is all excellent. I love what MiniMe Mindfulness stands for and what it is empowering children to be able to do. The wider our concepts spread the better for our society as a whole and I am proud to be part of the spread.”

Kim Mallows

MiniMe Mindfulness® Franchise Owner, Northamptonshire

“Investing in MiniMe Mindfulness®️ has not just been a fantastic business decision, but it has been an incredible experience that continues to inspire me everyday.

Tessa is hands on, efficient, supportive, heart- led, and an incredible business mentor & founder of our MiniMe Mindfulness ®️ brand. Every step of the journey I have felt totally supported & an integral part of the MiniMe family & growth.

I have now had my franchise for 2 years, & my passion & belief for the company has never been so strong.

Seeing the developments of what is needed to support children in education, the health system, & the future of wellbeing sits us in the core of these demands. I feel very proud of my achievements so far, the children, schools, nurseries & families I have coached.

As a mum of two young children I also feel extremely grateful to be able to use these skills at home. The training & knowledge I have gained from our daily practices not only help me grow professionally but also to become a better parent, & grounded human being from the inside out.”

Abbey Hartshortne-Abbott

MiniMe Mindfulness® Franchise Owner - Essex

“Some things do not happen by luck! I came across MiniMe Mindfulness when they started teaching at the school I work in. It was perfectly timed as I was looking for more purpose in my life and a new challenge.

Tessa is a heart-led owner and her passion for helping others is contagious! Although I had reservations about becoming self-employed, the process was so simple because everything is set up and easy to follow. Tessa has been a wonderful mentor, supporting at each step of the process.

Alongside this step-by-step coaching, I have enjoyed my daily access to Boss Your Morning and other training which has deepened my business and personal development.

Joining MiniMe Mindfulness has helped me to find the courage to come out of my comfort zone and I have learnt so much about myself and what I can achieve; setting and reaching business goals that I would never think possible.

Most importantly, teaching the lessons to children is a really fulfilling job. It’s so lovely to hear feedback from the children, parents, schools and nurseries about the positive difference we are making to children’s well-being.

The MiniMe Mindfulness team are my new work family. We have a great support network; there is always a caring, listening ear and wise words of advice from a team with a wealth of experience.

I joined MiniMe Mindfulness by following my gut instinct and I feel it is one of the best pivotal decisions I have ever made!”

Nicola Tookey

MiniMe Mindfulness® Franchise Owner - Essex

“Having worked as a MiniMe Mindfulness Mindset Mentor, running the classes in schools, nurseries and the community for over one year, I hands on, began to witness the impact that the business concept had on the children. I truly was blown away, seeing children's confidence grow, their self-awareness, and their self-belief, for me, the next step was to become a Franchise owner.

Tessa's hands-on approach from the very beginning of becoming a business owner has been invaluable.
As a heart led business creator and visionary, all aspects of owning a Franchise have been covered.

Any question will be answered by Tessa and Tessa has thought of everything. I was looking
for a lifestyle change, this change has happened and I feel extremely driven and proud to be a part of this Franchise family.

Quality relationships are the key to success in business. Trust and communication are key, all of which are offered with MiniMe Mindfulness.”

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“Teaching children positive mindfulness and mindset techniques is as important as teaching them how to read and write.”


Tessa Hawes

Founder & CEO MiniMe Mindfulness®

What's the Process?


Download the Prospectus + Book an online 'Discovery Call' with Tessa to get to know each other and ask questions.


If we are a good fit you'll be invited to a 'Behind the Scenes' tour of the business operations & sessions.


Gather live testimonials from Franchisees, and if all aligns - Officially join the team and lock in your territory.


We map out your business plan and 8-week training plan.

We link arms and support you every step of the way.

Frequently Ask Question

What training opportunities are available for professional development?

All Franchise Business Owners and Mindset Mentors go through our Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training Programme which is accredited by CPD & IMMA (International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance).

What support and resources are provided for lesson planning

All lesson planning is done for you! You are provided with hard copy and online lesson plans and resources which span 60 sessions including full equipment to enhance the lessons and video tutorials. That's everything you need to teach a cohort of children for 2 academic years without repetition! We will show you during the 'behind the scenes' tour.

What opportunities exist for collaboration and sharing best practices with other franchise teachers?

The MiniMe Mindfulness® team is more like a family! We share our successes, challenges and wins so that every franchisee supports each others journeys.

Our training programme is extensive and if you need support outside of that we share best practices in our online hubs, during our online team meetings and face-to-face at our meet ups and Annual Conference each year.

There is no end of support and guidance from those that have gone before you. We pride ourselves on being a supportive and collaborative team with zero competition as everyone has their own business plans and unique experience and situations. We build our businesses within our own franchise territories alongside each other - helping, supporting and cheering each other on!

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